Great New Beginnings provides a wholesome and appetizing lunch for students and staff to enjoy daily. These choices contribute to the proper nutrition that is vital to both the mental and physical growth of students.

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Carol Brooks
Governor's Award Winner for Excellence in Food Service
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A Letter From the Kitchen Staff

Our policy is to encourage healthy eating habits for children and experience new foods. We at Great New Beginnings like to encourage children to try foods that they may not have tried or liked before as children’s taste buds change as they mature physically and develop emotionally.

Our goal is to make hot meals for children in a child care setting. Lunch time is considered a learning experience as much as reading and writing. Our philosophy is that all children should get their nutritional needs met, as well as the special needs for those children who have food allergies, cultural and religious preferences.

It is our belief that preschool and school aged children alike who are practicing family style meal time can also sharpen their social and developmental skills by learning how to set the table and practice proper table manners such as please and thank you. Family style meal time also allows the children the opportunity to learn to pass and pour. We also enjoy talking with the children about the food pyramid and how much faster they can run and how much higher they can jump just by eating their veggies! We usually get a great response to new food items by renaming them such as “Muscle Soup” or “Sloppy Carols” because Ms. Carol makes them not Joe.

Carol Brooks is our Kitchen Manager and has been with Great New Beginnings since 1999.  She has prepared children’s meals for over 20 years and enjoys the responsibility of making sure all of the children are introduced to a variety of healthy food.  She enjoys watching children grow and to know that a big part of her job is teaching the children proper nutrition.  It is Ms. Carol’s goal for every child to explore new foods while in our care. 

Our staff is proud to have the credential of ServSafe as well as maintaining Kitchen Permits issued by the State of Delaware annually.

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Proud recipient of the State of Delaware
Governor's Award in Excellence
in Early Childhood Education and Care

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