Tell Us How We Are Doing

Take a moment and let us know how we are doing and how we can better serve your needs. Rate each question:
A=Always - B=Often - C=Sometimes - D=Rarely - F=Never

1. My child enjoys this center.
2. My child is developing new skills.
3. This center provides creative and well-planned learning activities.
4. The classrooms have adequate supplies and materials.
5. The teachers regularly communicate with me about my child's progress.
6. I feel I can communicate openly with my child's teacher.
7. I feel I can communicate openly with my Center Administrator.
8. This center looks and smells clean.
9. Disciplinary techniques are implemented appropriately.
10. This center provides nutritious meals and snacks.
11. This center meets my expectations.

What is the number one reason you selected this center?

What are some of things you like best about this center?

What improvements can we make?

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