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The security protocols which were integrated into the system were “bank-financial” level. We will need your support to keep our website secure by not sharing your passwords with friends and family members unless they are designated users upon initial sign up.

For additional security, your access codes will only allow you to view your child’s classroom. Great New Beginnings administrative staff will be able to control the access to the system directly. This was a very important feature as we want the ability to control the access to the cameras to be sure only enrolled families are viewing the service for security reasons.

One of the main concerns installing our internet viewing service was the integrity of the continued security protocols. As the administrators of the site, we will pledge to keep your security information confidential. Only GNB management will have access to your security information which will be kept in your child’s confidential file. We are going to request that you notify us in writing of any changes to individuals allowed access to the system. Please keep a copy of your child’s authorization form, with the security codes, in a secured location. Do not keep your system access information written down either at work, at home or in your wallet/personal affects. In order for us to maintain the necessary security you must treat this information as you would your personal financial information such as bank passwords/codes.

We have not allowed the system the ability to print as we consider this a breach of the children’s privacy. The system’s main purpose is to allow you to view your child’s day, it is not meant to produce private video or photographs as this is again a breach of the children’s privacy. With your help, this internet viewing service will stay safe and secure for our families to share in their child’s day. As management, the system will be utilized for quality control and classroom observation purposes.

We want to thank you for your participation in this program and your continued vigilance to maintain security.

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